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A new type of network sharing economy model-BlockCDN, hot wave of crowdfunding of 2016 officially unfolds!

For the last two years, sharing economy has already became a brand new business model that chosen by numerous

entrepreneurs, and permeated the major industry field of people`s lives. Transportation resource can be shared,

accommodation resource also can be shared, what about the caching nodes of network access? BlockCDN`s appearance

realizes the network nodes sharing perfectly! (BlockCDN official website:
BlockCDN is a decentralized CDN trading market, which could deploy Solidity to operate smart contract on Ethereum.

With blockchain technology, to make internet fast node ubiquitous. Sharing economy is the foundation of  large scale

implementation of BlockCDN, as long as global internet idler share their idle equipment(e.g. personal computer,

router, TV box, tablet, mobile phone etc.) to provide the uploaded traffic, Internet users are able to get CDN service

with fasters access and less bandwidth occupation. Blockchain smart contract guarantee that idle internet broadband

users will get good benefits no matter when they are walking dog, having food or sleeping. For the website owners,

BlockCDN could bring down 90% of acceleration fee and get a new style CDN service with more nodes, faster access.
BlockCDN as the latest sharing economy model will bring a revolution to CDN industry. Before long, Take BlockCDN

platform as core, BlockCDN will start the crowdfunding of BCDN token. Just like bitcoin, under the demand of market

scale of 12 billion dollars, BCDN will become new generation of virtual currency with high-value. The unit of

measurement about Token of BCDN crowdfunding is on the basis of the most popular virtual currency - ETH in the current

market. The crowdfunding contract does not set the crowdfunding amount of BCDN but only set the time of total

crowdfunding as 28 days, According to rules, the BCDN numbers got from crowdfunding can be changeable, the earlier

Investment in BCDN, the more BCDN the investors will get.
 The total amount of BCDN to be issued finally shall be 50% of the total confirmed crowdfunding quantity; the other

50% of BCDN will be taken as reward for investors participated in three years after the project started. BCDN will be

distributed in the way of mining, in other words, the more traffic uploaded by nodes, the more BCDN sharers will get.

Since then, issued number of BCDN will not be increased anymore, and keep constant numbers circulated in the CDN trade

market to make sure BCDN will become more valuable in the broad future. Besides, BlockCDN will take 40% of its

turnover as reward that will be sent to the wallet of holders with average gross every month. Such high return

investment plan, how can u miss the opportunity?
BlockCDN is a sharing economy project with high development potential, the BCDN already draws a lot of attentions of

numerous investors, even caused a sensation of large scale in the global network, and was considered as one of the

most investing value project. When Bitcoin just showed up, no one knows its value will become huge, many investors

regretted. Now face to BCDN which has better development future, what are you waiting for? Join in the BCDN

crowdfunding, get your high return on investment! One project of sharing economy that you never hear about -1BTC

become 1000BTC, crowdfunding of 2016 officially kick-off! (crowdfunding website:


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