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BlockCDN-Rising star, future star of CDN industry
« on: August 04, 2016, 03:17:53 AM »

Are you a Phubbing? According to the latest data of eMarketer, currently, the numbers of netizen are over 3 billion. Up to 2018, nearly half the population of global world will become netizen. Meanwhile, most of the future netizen cannot live their lives without one thing called BlockCDN.
This is not a story in Arabian Nights, but don`t be very surprised about the news. Because now we cannot live alone without internet, but make the internet users suffer the most is the network congestion, every time, when the symbol “loading” appeared, is it the worst life experience? No worries, BlockCDN( is a new style caching nodes server which is aimed at  improving user`s experience during internet access.
We could say that BlockCDN is a technology revolution towards the traditional CDN technology. Its appearance will bring a revolutionary storm to the CDN industry.  In recent years, internet development is very fast and popularized rapidly which is far beyond our expectation, the traditional CDN cannot deal with the huge network information and meet user`s needs, so the birth of BlockCDN is a surprise and also inevitable.
BlockCDN is aimed at solving drawbacks of the traditional CDN- enormous investment, limited quantity of layouts, and the implementation is relatively complicated. The new style of BlockCDN is a decentralized CDN trading market which is based on blockchain  technology and let the internet users share their idle internet access equipment as the CDN data caching nodes and provide uploaded traffic when the users nearby need help, thus will get corresponding rewards.
BlockCDN as the great achievement of sharing economy in the internet field, manifests its own advantage largely –BlockCDN implementation will make good utilization of network resource, infinitely approach the caching nodes, improve access speed significantly, moderate the network congestion efficiently. No matter you are an internet user or website owner, it`s help u to kill two birds with one stone. The user can enjoy better internet access experience and gets benefits from sharing caching nodes at the same time.  The website owner could get better CDN experience and save 90% of its acceleration cost.
In fact, the popularization of BlockCDN in the future is completely predictable, because it`s a new technology achievement generated from sharing economy thinking model. So-called sharing economy is a social economic ecosystem, built on sharing of human and material resources. It was proved that sharing economy has huge value for our modern society. The remarkable example around us is the Uber`s popularization. Besides, the popular trend of BlockCDN is overwhelming due to its globalization. Hope the global internet users join in BlockCDN to fuel the CDN nodes and generate a global distributing network. However, in order to the resolve the transaction and payment issues between nodes sharers and speed-up service users, BlockCDN will issue universal token –BCDN
Currently, the scale of CDN construction and market grows constantly, the market of CDN is predicted to reach up to 12.1637 billion dollars in 2019. Aimed at momentum, BlockCDN will initiate crowdfunding of BCDN token. According to the growth of CDN market and the prospect of the constant number of BCDN, the value of BCDN token will be appreciable, it will become a new investment hot spot. It`s not hard to imagine that BlockCDN will be a rising star after Uber in the sharing economy field.  A series of measures of BlockCDN certainly will bring the benefits of sharing economy to the global world.

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Re: BlockCDN-Rising star, future star of CDN industry
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Indeed, blockcdn is a good bitcoin.
A share of the economic project you have not heard of --1BTC into 1000BTC (attention is very hot)

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Re: BlockCDN-Rising star, future star of CDN industry
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There is a new currency called blockcdn, including the chain, to share the advantages of economy, price, market capacity, and cheap and convenient, easy to use。Know please login:


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