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Ripple discussion / consumer has not clear
« Last post by qizhen0809 on Today at 12:05:48 PM »
At that time, the provincial quality inspection institute still based on the "exemption" consumer list recommended by this newspaper, one by one PVC FENCE SALE , targeted testing of specific commodities by consumers. If the consumer has not clear, please through the contact information of the contact information that this newspaper publishes, please provide the distribution unit, the manufacturer and the relevant credentials in detail. A series of reports on the forestry industrialization of the whole province -- a seminar on forestry industrialization in our city will be held in our city on July 22 solstice 23. " cheap wooden fence fabrication cost , fence slats in portugal , mixing colors composite decking , outdoor patio furniture wood fence "
Ripple discussion / floor base material
« Last post by qizhen0809 on Today at 10:05:48 AM »
This kind of floor base material thickness is in commonly used by 9 ~ 12 mm, the requirement to the base material is the same with 8 mm Outdoor Deck Sale , surface density of about 1100 kg/m3, this is essential for production of thickening of aggrandizement wood floor. This kind of floor base material of high density area and 8 mm floor are similar, but the second high density area is thicker than The Times of high density of 8 mm floor area, so its flexibility, stability, has greatly improved, the foot feels better, too. Not only that, because the floor thickness increases, the floor absorbing sound can be stronger, reduces the noise effectively. " engineering wood products , composite wood decking selling point , vinyl board veranda decking , cheap outdoor wood plastic composite products "
Ripple discussion / estate company cuts
« Last post by qizhen0809 on Today at 08:35:38 AM »
double horse estate company cuts a figure very quickly, show itself, the rise of indigenous industry drives the scope progress of this locality enterprise again, drive through wpc composite decking hollow setting an example, whole town lumber machines course of study to present a fission effect, up to by last year, whole town has lumber to process a business 586, year achieve sales revenue 2.6 billion yuan, year pay taxes breakthrough closes 100 million yuan greatly, amount to 26 thousand person from personnel of course of study, lumber machines course of floating wood floors on concrete outdoor study to had made the dominant industry that enrichs the people to be pressed down by force. Enterprise fission is done not only big the dimensions of dominant industry, and still derived enterprise of a batch of form a complete set, spun effectively lumber industry chain, current, whole town already had woodworker to make, the enterprise of a batch of form a complete set such as production of biology grain fuel, furniture. Investment will manage before anti-cracking composite decking san jose still attracting nonlocal business at the same time, develop infuse to press down the dimensions of dominant industry completely new vitality. The beginning of the year,outside wpc deck
Ripple discussion / floor and aggrandizement
« Last post by qizhen0809 on Today at 08:03:16 AM »
From yesterday until November 15, the city quality supervision bureau to the whole city three kinds of floor quality to undertake special treatment Outdoor WPC Floor , the enterprise that produces unqualified floor, will be revoked production license. The regulation is for real wood floor, solid wood compound floor and aggrandizement wood floor. In the second quarter of this year, according to the municipal quality supervision bureau, these three types of floors are commonly found to be inconsistent with actual timber, low processing density and unqualified paint. (cao hong, deputy director of the supervision department of the municipal quality supervision bureau: the overall qualified rate is only 58.3%, which should be said that the qualified rate is low.) " exterior front step railing , german wood plastic decking , outdoor plastic wall boards , pre built fence panels lowes "
Ripple discussion / вымыть пол
« Last post by qizhen0809 on Today at 07:34:25 AM »
Функция более практична для имитации реального и натурального пола первого и второго поколений Поставщик россии . Основной характеристикой является то, что нога чувствует себя хорошо, немой эффект хорош, но из-за бумаги из древесного зерна и основного материала, необходимого для прохождения вторичной обработки, Специфические методы - это матовая краска на конической и теплопередающей пленке, простая технология вторичной обработки, результат, скорее всего, вызывает V-образный тонально-канавочный тональный сигнал, не согласующийся с пластиной, цвет легко отпадает и т. Д. , Кроме того, поскольку слот имеет v-образный паз, его легко окрашивать, а не просто чистить пол. Третье поколение подлинного деревянного пола с копией улучшило процесс рабета, дизайн u-образного паза, лоток продолжал узорную конструкцию поверхности пола, " Композитная деревянная мебель и палуба , Прочная древесная пластиковая пергола Торонто , Палубная доска экологически чистая конструкция ,Дизайн палубы вокруг бассейнов "
Ripple discussion / wood industry group
« Last post by qizhen0809 on Today at 06:05:07 AM »
However, he said: "it is not just the success and pride of the holy elephants outdoor waterproof deck , but the success and pride of China's forestry industry. Throughout the world big wood industry group, its all around the world to form a high of about more than 20% of market share, and has its own industrial chain and a highly advanced, with good market prospects of the product, but also can effectively solve the problem of resources and sustainable development, etc. The iconography and jiangsu in 2002 the group combining created the common wood industry and upstream products industry chain, build the world first-class wood industry group, a new beginning, at present, " decking prestige composite decking reviews , textured wall cladding panels , wooden railing material south africa , small garden floor design ideas "
Ripple discussion / continue to maintain
« Last post by qizhen0809 on Today at 06:01:10 AM »
 row continue to maintain the 3rd. Although Henan province has go into operation of 2 product line building, increase productivity newly 300 thousand stere / year, but fall into disuse Extruded Rubber Marine Steps backward produce ability to spend increase, save productivity to fall completely for 3.24 million stere / year, row from the 8th rise for the 7th. Guangdong province also has go into operation of 2 product line building, increase productivity newly 260 thousand stere / year, save productivity to achieve 4.29 million stere completely / year, row from the 5th rise for the 4th. Although Shandong province has go into operation of a product line building, Pvc Boat Floor Sale increase productivity newly 150 thousand stere / year, but fall into disuse backward produce ability to spend bigger, save productivity to fall completely for 6.4 million stere / year, row still maintain the 1st. Wood Plastic Planters Looks Like Wood Area of before Chinese beaverboard productivity 10 provinces (by 2016) Up to by 2016, the whole nation is shut, demolish or accumulative total of product line of stop production beaverboard is close 470, wash out backward productivity to make an appointment with 18 million stere / year. In the 574 beaverboard product line that retains up to the whole nation end 2016, from 1982 - 1991 (10 years) during the beaverboard product line that investment runs already was shut entirely,Yard Wpc Deck
Ripple discussion / real wood furniture
« Last post by qizhen0809 on Today at 03:36:49 AM »
 the company of real wood furniture that our ferry sends is the life closely related common people the people's livelihood is tasted one of, cannot be short of break, Ventilation Grate And Fence And Deck some did furniture employers all one's life furniture career, serve all one's life at common people, contribution at the society, do not know however now will what course to follow. The speech of tall chairman real sentiments is affecting each present members, spoke furniture person's common aspirations. Tall chairman expresses to support the environmental Biodegradable Plastic Sheet Supplier protection policy of party and country stoutly, cooperate a government actively relevant section undertakes rectifying and reform, conduct propaganda, policy is unscrambled reach an admonish, tianjin home assist the platform organization that is communication communication of government and business, regular meeting produces Outdoor Decking Prices Online bridge bond effect adequately, serve for member company. Also hope each member must act on the front reasonable and active, lawful, rational has the base that seize to go up to apply for to appeal to to the government seek help. Cheap Wpc Deck Wholesale
Ripple discussion / floor measurement
« Last post by qizhen0809 on Today at 02:07:08 AM »
The machining accuracy is not up to standard products shortchanged one floor in the main show is, as some of the Ming ShiBan to 18 mm thick floor measurement is 17 mm Outdoor Floor Exporters Online , or the original floor of processing 95 mm - 96 mm width of the specifications of the blank is processed into 98 mm, cause shortchanged one floor width and tenon widths. The unqualified project of aggrandizement wood floor mainly has surface wear-resisting, static curve intensity, internal union strength and absorb water thickness expand etc. The strategic cooperation between the SAN elephant group and the Swedish kontree group in Beijing, the great hall of the people, and the Australian foyer. " exterior wood wall panel sample , cheapest wpc deck boards , windham vinyl fence , wood panel flooring for sailboats "
Ripple discussion / complete set and capital
« Last post by qizhen0809 on Today at 02:05:48 AM »
national level also should consider policy of form a complete set and capital support as soon as possible. Environmental protection department says, empty first quarter temperament exterior flooring materials for balcony measured special superintend and director to check 2017, superintend and director of motor-driven of quality of first time air checks discovery, wen An county line of berth of corridor of 272 provinces path two side villages and towns, collected industry of about 2000 plywood and plastic treatment company, dirty chaos of environment of plastic mesh netting material used for outdoor decorations majority business plant area, discharge without the organization serious, discharge to VOCs did not take processing step basically, deserve generally to have boiler of small-sized coal fired, establishment of environmental protection of form a complete set is pallet, oxide of 2 oxidation sulfur, nitrogen is in straight platoon how to bend composite edging condition basically; Open air gathers up leather factory, powdery feed mill, curium board factory did not take any environmental protection step.outdoor deck manufacturer
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