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Highs and Lows of UZR 2007-9- Vizquel
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As explained within the overview post, here, this is part of a series looking at the best and Quinton Coples Jersey worst defensive performers in the last three combined seasons. Rankings are done by adding a players UZR with his aggregate positional adjustment in order to level the arena with regards to difficulty. E sentially, its taking out the grading curve. Previously I covered the 5th best, Ryan Zimmerman and the 43.7 runs above average. Tonight, your fourth best player from 2007- Daren Bates Jersey 9: SS Omar Vizquel. Its pretty remarkable that even during a period of time that covers his age 40-42 seasons, Vizquel still outperformed so many others on the defensive field. Also remarkable is the fact that Vizquel ama sed the needed counting numbers in Chase Reynolds Jersey just 299 games within the three year period. Granted, Vizquel is about this list because of his terrific performance in 2007. He posted a 20.2 UZR that year in 143 games at shortstop for the Giants. Of his total 45.8 runs, 26.9 originated from that year alone. He was also so poor with the bat that year (.621 OPS, .276 wOBA) that it canceled out his entire contribution from his stellar defensive play and positional adjustment. If I repeat this next winter, it's clear Stedman Bailey Jersey that Vizquel is going to be nowhere close to the top. Hell will lose out on his fabulous 2007 season Cameron Lynch Jersey and when he even plays next season, its going to be within an even more reduced role. Still, its been a remarkably long career for a player with one of the very best reputations for glove operate in recent memory.